quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

EPAC's "City Break" opening in Helsinki!

26th August, 18:00, Helsinki, Finland


Ben Dromey, Mina Arko, Jari Suominen


Piritta Puhto (EPAC project coordinator in Finland, Helsinki) writes: "We had our opening and it went super well! The timing was perfect as it is the night of the arts and the streets were full of happy people. The work was received extremely well and people have come to tell me how nice it is. We are very happy about that.

Photo by Tekla Pohjolainen

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  1. Thanks for shairng the update. It seems that i just missed that. Well, but i would try to catch the next one for sure. Keep sharing and updating us with the latest updates

  2. Good to know that things are going good for you, would love to know more from you on this. Thank you for sharing it and keep proceedings with us