segunda-feira, 12 de outubro de 2009

Drawing: Between Art and Science

During 3 weeks in May, when Marta de Menezes and Lucy Lions will spent 15 morning at IGC with their drawing material deepening their understanding of the scientific research and drawing different experiences in the laboratories. Working in collaboration with the scientists the ongoing work produced during the residency will be encouraged to develop freely allowing dialogue between scientist and artist to flourish. Artworks created aim to reflect the input from the scientific research being undertaken and reveal the connections made between all those working on the project.

The subject areas being investigated will be:
-Cell Division and Development
-Bacteria and microbiology

In the afternoons the exhibition space in the Fábrica Braço de Prata will be used as an open studio where they will develop work made in the laboratories. Here, the public and visitors can come and contribute their ideas to the artists.

Marta and Lucy will be using the gallery space as the laboratory and the laboratory as studio, creating a span of works that will allow a new understanding of this artistic research field as an art piece. This intends to reveal the importance of drawing as an investigative tool, and also the depth of involvement and the experimentation of the artists in making and producing a work of art.